Manterola Selects Libertis Solutions to deploy CDC Supply Chain WMS

15 March 2010

After a long and intensive selection process Manterola has put their trust in our professionals in order to carry out the improvement of their internal logistics processes.

The project, framed within the Libertis Supply Chainline of solutions, will begin on March 23 and will consist of the implementation of Warehouse Management System CDC Supply Chain WMS, for which Libertis Solutions, working closely with CDC Software, is firmly committed, with the aim of extending on the Iberian market this magnificent suite of solutions for logistics.

The project is intended to implement a Warehouse Management System that will allow to control and manage all logistics operations in the central warehouse of MANTEROL and another 2 nearby warehouses of minor entity, specifically Ontinyent Factory and a warehouse located in Benisoda.

Manterola has a complex warehouse management, especially in what concerns the organization of the preparation and departure systems, so it is vital the functional wealth of CDC Supply Chain WMS in this field and the experience and knowledge of logistics processes that Libertis Solutions project team has.

It will be an installation in which picking will be simultaneously combined with graphic terminal, voice picking, packing stations and, in the case of an external warehouse, picking by paper, all led by CDC Supply Chain WMS.

ASN will be used to communicate to customers and transporters the details of the materials sent, thereby contributing to improved input logistics of their customers.

Data analysis and scorecards is something that also considers very important Manterola and there will be integrated into the rest of the company analytics. To obtain the best information and fully control the operating costs, ABC Costing is implemented, which may allow Manterola to control a very simple logistics costs, and even being able to pass to divisions or other concepts.

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